The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi


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This is where we post anything that we think might be of some interest to you. It could be a new product or a new promotional sales effort. It might also be recent public news of what’s happening in other professional facilities around the world. If you have something that you want posted here, just send us an email:


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Look, we both have a problem. You have lots of animals that need entertainment and feeding but your budget for buying new stuff sucks! We have new stuff and we want to show the world all of them being enjoyed by all animals, but we have no photos. And, we don’t have any wild animals lying around waiting on the next photo shoot. See the problem? Learn how to get FREE products here!

Photo Credits:

Lion licking blue Cylinder: Photo courtesy of University of Alabama
Macaw in green Ball: Photo courtesy of Claudia Melteff
Gorilla with brown Cylinder: Photo courtesy of Rio Grande Zoo; Albuquerque, NM


New products that were not on our old site:



Two is always better than one! Get creative on this! Tell us what you want if what you see pictured isn’t exactly right. Because they are tied together, they won’t roll straight when they are hit. Both have jingle bells in them. Maybe you would like all the bells in one side? How about more bells in one side than the other? How about one larger Ball? How about a much longer rope so you can hang them? Even if you take them apart, you still have two Balls. Brown Manila rope is standard

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Jingle Balls

Here’s a great idea! Every time it is moved, it makes noise! The jingles are replaceable and cannot fall out of the holes. There is one larger threaded plug that serves as an inlet/outlet. We have sizes of 17”, 25”, and 31” diameters; all in (4) wall thicknesses. Pick the one best.

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Fling Around

A “Jingle Ball” with a rope. Some animals like to drag things around, some like to swing them around. We are really open on how these are built, so give us your ideas. Brown Manila rope is standard.

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Rocky Lou and Rocky Lou Feeder

A constant source of moving reflection! Even if your animals are not self-aware, just making this rock ever so slightly will create a changing reflection that will always entertain. The Rocky Lou with choice of (3) mirrors is the most basic; while the Rocky Lou Feeder has a food inlet behind the mirror and food removal holes around its perimeter.

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Cat Toy (Improved with Scent Enrichment)

At 24” in diameter, this perfect sized toy brings scent enrichment to all of the animals. Cats really love these! The inner ball easily moves when touched and releases whatever scent you desire out its vent holes as it rolls around.

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Climbing Rope

Standard is 1” diameter Manila but you can get almost anything! Any Length is OK too. Call us!

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Tire Feeders

Properly hung, the animal can never tell where the food is in this thing. That’s the challenge. They have to figure out if there is food in there and then tilt it to where the food will slide down to a hole. Available with double ¾” holes (one for the finger and one for the food to come out) or single 1-1/2” hole for larger foods.

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