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Here you'll find a full listing of our standard lines of zoo and aquarium animal toys, shelters, and other products designed to enhance the lives of animals of all kinds. Choose from balls, boxes, cylinders, disks, pills, and more complex shapes, as well as our line of station markers for animal training and education - you can even engage your animals' sense of smell using our scent kits, which allow you to change scents as often as your animal would like!


Our products are available in our full range of colors, and most can be ordered in various sizes and weights, such as light, medium, and heavy duty.

Scent Enrichment



Animals follow their noses as much, if not more, than their eyes. We have a cost-effective method of introducing scented material into our Animal Enrichment Products. Cost is not longer a reason to avoid involving your animals in a scented environment. The inexpensive and easily changeable screen can provide virtually any scent you desire. More information...





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Photo Credits:

Elephant with green Tire: Photo courtesy of Busch Gardens; Tampa, Florida
Polar Bear with red Cylinder: Photo courtesy of Rio Grande Zoo; Albuquerque, NM
Lion with Blue Ball: Photo courtesy of University of Alabama
Polar Bear with Blue Pill: Photo courtesy of Rio Grande Zoo; Albuquerque, NM
Elephant with blue & red Tires: Photo courtesy of Busch Gardens; Tampa, Florida
Otter with yellow Looky Lou Marine: Photo courtesy of Mystic Aquarium; Mystic, Connecticut
Polar Bears with blue Box: Sea World San Diego