If you are confused about the new name “Wildlife Toy Box”, let us explain. All of the products that you have seen and bought over the years from Desert Plastics have now been moved into this site. Please bookmark this site.
      Because our previous website had become tired and difficult to use, we decided to build this new good looking easy-to-use website and give our ever expanding product line its own well-deserved name. We have decided to brand the entire product line under the “Wildlife Toy Box” name. This website has 20% more products than our previous one!
      Please come and make yourself at home. As always, thank you very much for your business!

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Look, we both have a problem. You have lots of animals that need entertainment and feeding but your budget for buying new stuff sucks! We have new stuff and we want to show the world all of them being enjoyed by animals, but we have no photos. And, we don’t have any wild animals lying around waiting on the next photo shoot. See the problem? Learn how to get FREE products here!



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