We want to congratulate the Boomer Ball® Company for introducing the first widely used animal enrichment product, the Boomer Ball. This product has become so universally recognized that a lot of users still refer to any animal enrichment ball as a “Boomer Ball”, no matter who actually manufactured it! Kleenex has a similar situation.

With a tip of the hat to the Boomer Ball Company, we have introduced a far more diverse product line which includes Balls from 12” to 48”; as well as many, many more unique, well-engineered products.

As for Balls, now you’ve got real selection!! We have (5) diameters; 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, and a 48”! All (5) sizes are available in (5) standard wall thicknesses and each one of those in (33) colors! We have the largest Ball selection in the U.S. with (660) combinations.

Hey, Pachyderm People! Tired of spending good money on a Ball that under-delivers? Check out our 48” Ball with the Severe Heavy Duty 7/8” thick wall. This monster’s got the meat! It weighs (215) pounds!!! We believe our 48” diameter Ball to be the largest diameter with the thickest wall currently available in food-grade Polyethylene for animal enrichment.

How about a 48” diameter Ball with a very thin wall so most animals can push it around but can’t easily pick it up?? Conversely, how about a smaller 18” diameter Ball with a very thick wall so your favorite Tiger can “claim” it by easily carrying it around?

You know they want ‘em. You know they are easy to move in and out of exhibit. Like Clint Eastwood says, go ahead—make their day!

All of our Balls are shipped completely enclosed with a welded plastic fitting and a threaded metal hex plug. We use metal because plastic ones will quickly wear out if you are changing ballast a lot. As an alternative, we would be happy to substitute a permanently sealed patch at no charge.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy Jacksonville Zoo, John Reed Photographer
Photo Courtesy Indianapolis Zoo
Photo Courtesy Big Cat Rescue Tampa Florida

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida