Feeder Tube

Feeder Tube

Introducing the Feeder Tube – the most challenging way to eat your meals! If you're tired of boring meals and want to add some excitement to your eating routine, this is the product for you. Our Feeder Tubes come standard with a 1-1/2 welded fitting and plug in each end for easy filling. But why stop there? Some facilities have even ditched the plugs and use the holes to hang the feeder with a central rope - now that's innovation!

With a choice of (10) 1-1/2" single holes or (10) sets of 3/4" double holes, you can customize your Feeder Tube to your heart's desire. And don't forget about the 32 different colors to choose from! Whether you're feeling bold and want to stand out with a bright red tube or prefer to blend in with a classic white, we've got you covered.

But it's not just about looks - our Feeder Tubes are made from food-grade polyethylene, so you can chow down with confidence. Plus, all plastic used in our products is fully recyclable, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. A

With four different wall thicknesses and plenty of customization options (mostly at no charge!), the Feeder Tube is the perfect addition to any mealtime. So go ahead, make eating fun and challenging - grab a Feeder Tube today!

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