Jingle Ball

Jingle Ball

Introducing the Jingle Ball – the world's most festive and fun ball for animals! This ball is not your average boring ball, oh no! It's got solid brass jingles that make a sound so sweet, even the Grinch would approve. It's perfect for animals of all shapes and sizes who love a good jingle.

Want to add a little extra scent to the mix? No problem! Scent enrichment is optional, so your furry friends can enjoy the sweet smell of success while playing.

You can choose from a dazzling palette of 32 colors, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your pet's personality. And don't worry about size – we've got standard sizes of 18", 24", and 36" diameters, as well as 12" and 48" sizes available on special order. Just give us a ring-a-ling for a quickie quote.

Made of food-grade polyethylene with full UV-protection, this ball is as safe and durable as it is fun. With four wall thicknesses available and lots of customization options (mostly at no charge!), you can create the ultimate jingle ball for your furry friends. Jingle all the way to fun and enrichment with the Jingle Ball!

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Lowry Park Zoo
Photo Courtesy of Zoo Montana

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