Tire Feeder

Tire Feeder

Looking for a tire-ific way to keep your primates entertained? Look no further than the Tire Feeder! With its fully UV protected design, you can let your animals go wild without any worries. And at 24" in diameter, it's the perfect size for even the most demanding of primates.

But that's not all! Run a rope through the center and turn it into a Feeder Swing, or fill it up with treats and watch your elephants spin it around in delight. It's like a carnival game, but for animals!

Plus, with single or double holes available in 33 different colors, you can customize your Tire Feeder to fit your facility's style. And if you're feeling extra fancy, go for the 1-1/2" holed version with an additional Fill Port and plug.

So why settle for boring old feeders when you can have a Tire Feeder? It's wheely the best choice for your primates!

Photo Credits

Photos Courtesy of Jacksonville Zoo
Photo Courtesy of Desert Plastics

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