Introducing the Swinger! No, not that kind of swinger! This is an animal enrichment product that swings! Perfect for all kinds of animals, whether they swing from trees or just swing to the beat of their own drum.

Our Swinger comes in three sizes: 26", 40", and 53". The Swinger53 (pictured) is constructed with Heavy Duty Food-Grade Polyethylene, so it's tough enough to withstand even the wildest swinging.

We've hung each Swinger with (3) 1" diameter brown Pro-Manila Ropes, which look like Manila but don't have the funky smell. The base can be adjusted without tools to any position on the ropes, making it easy to find the perfect swinging spot.

The standard rope length is about 12 feet, but the eyelet reduces the "useable" length to about 9 feet. And don't worry about those ropes unraveling - we've provided end whipping on each rope end.

At the top, a heavy-duty shackle organizes the (3) ropes. We've even secured the large nut on the shackle with a lock washer and Locktite Red on the threads, so you can swing with confidence.

We include (1) carabiner to speed up installation or removal, but if you prefer a different kind of rope, we offer options like Cotton, Manila, Polypropylene, Nylon, and (when available) Sisal.

So swing on over and get your Swinger today! 32 colors available, and lots of customization options (mostly at no charge!). Plus, it's made from food-grade plastic with full UV protection, so even the sun won't spoil your swinging fun!

Price $491.09

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Niabi Zoo

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida