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Introducing the BASIC Backboard - the perfect accessory for when you need to lift your furry friend in style! This single sheet of HDPE plastic comes with all the bells and whistles - including various numbers and sizes of handholds and strapping points. We know what you're thinking - "Wow, this...

$208.88 - $605.59

Backboard: A single sheet of HDPE Plastic with various numbers and sizes of handholds and strapping points.

All Wildlife Toy Box Rescue Backboards are constructed of High-Density Polyethylene. This material is very strong and easy to clean with common household cleaners. It is...

$420.48 - $833.04

Attaches to any 47-1/2" minimum width backboard; includes "D" Ring, Threaded Inserts, Stainless Socket Head Screws, (1) Clamp Plate; Bull Nose adds approx. 6-1/2" to the height and the length to all backboards.

Bull Nose: A bent Aluminum extension intended to be mounted onto a...


A single sheet of HDPE Plastic intended to be used in a recovery situation to lessen the friction between a backboarded patient and the surrounding environment. Slip Sheets have hand-holds around the perimeter to ease use and recovery.

$95.75 - $345.31

A single relatively narrow piece of HDPE Plastic used to minimize the friction created by moving heavy objects over flat floors. They are generally used side-by-side to cover the floors of trailers and pickup truck beds. Our Glide Strips have handholds in both ends. Various thicknesses and...

$185.40 - $307.92

Nylon with Cordura-lined eyes both ends; 4" wide x 20 feet; Working Load Limit is 16,000 lbs; other sizes available


Large Ratchet Strap: Steel Flat Hooks BOTH ends; Heavy Duty; Polyester Webbing; Yellow; 3,333 lbs. working load; other sizes available

Small Ratchet Strap: 1" wide; S-Hooks BOTH ends; Heavy Duty; Industrial-Grade Webbing; Yellow; 400 lbs. working load; other sizes available

$11.24 - $16.86

Nylon Webbing; Steel Grab Hooks both ends; 1-7/16" Hook Opening; 12,000 lb. capacity; Orange; other sizes available

$212.68 - $309.43

Straight Eye-to-Eye Nylon Lifting Sling; 2" wide x 36" long; 2-Ply; Choker Capacity: 4,960 lbs.; Vertical Capacity: 6,200 lbs.; Basket Capacity: 12,400 lbs.; other sizes available

Endless Nylon Lifting Sling; 2" wide x 36" long; 2-Ply; Choker Capacity: 10,000 lbs.; Vertical Capacity:...

$19.18 - $36.66

2" wide; 3/32" thick; Breaking Strength 6,800 lbs.; finished ends; cut with hot-blade knife

Finished Ends are ends that have been prepared to not unravel. They do not have eyes or hooks. They have bare ends.

$6.44 - $64.38

1/2" diameter x 100 feet

Sheath — 32-strand braided, with half the strands having a left (Z) twist and the other half having a right (S) twist for a balanced, torque-free rope with maximum abrasion resistance.

Available in Blue, Red, Black, Yellow

Also available by the...


Carabiner Steel; Screw-lock; Rescue Grade

Gate Opening is 1.10"; 16,186 Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS); Interior Length is 3.95"


2" wide x 75 feet; Plain Backing;
Hook and Loop sold separately (Similar to Velcro)

$45.16 - $110.25

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  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida

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